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28 for 28

Inspired by my friends ( and I decided to join in their challenge to paint during the month of February. While they are each completing a painting a day, I have chosen to simply paint each day--occasionally finishing a painting, but also being satisfied with daily progress on more elaborate projects.

So far, I'm pleased with the results. If nothing else, I'm pleased with the fact that there is work to show.

Feb. 1--Chimp Mask (oil on panel; painted on used canvas [pink] and green collage)

Feb. 2--Portrait (oil on canvas)

They can't all be winners. Perhaps I tried to do too much in too short a time. In any case, I made some bad decisions early on in the process, and ultimately decided to scrape this one off.

Feb. 3-6--Spring (oil on panel; painted on repurposed Goodwill art)

This is the painting as it stands now. I've done a little bit on each day:

Feb. 3--Shoes

Feb. 4--Lower legs

Feb. 5--Plastic poncho on upper legs

Feb. 6--Plastic poncho

I hope to keep more updates coming...and I'm even considering breaking down and starting an Instagram account like all the other cool kids. The times they are a-changing....

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